Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Great analysis of major long term problems with the National Flood Insurance Program

I did not write this article and in fact credit Kelly of our office for finding it. We both do a lot of reading to keep up, and of course we are following the events in Houston with great interest.
Anyway, this article describes how government subsidized flood insurance is only a band-aid and in the long run is making matters much worse:

Future of Flood Insurance Summit 2017, Miami Florida

I attened the Future of Flood Insurance Summit in Miami this week. With the whole FEMA program being re-authorized and private carriers anxious to get in the market, it’s an exciting time for an insurance geek.
One fascinating situation we heard about from an attorney involved in the case is happening in Houston. There are now two defined parties in a class action suit for Inverse Comdemnation, where there properties were effectively destroyed due to government action. The two different parties are the ones who lived ABOVE the flood control equipment, who flooded because the authorities held back on opening the controls to let water through, because that would flood the communities BELOW the equipment. The second group is the group BELOW the equipment, who ‘only’ flooded because the water was released!
A no-win if there ever was one.

Tidewater, the Film. The Navy Believes

Last week at the Future of Flood Summit 2017 in Miami, they showed this film, called Tidewater, about the rising water level in and around the US’ largest military installation, Hampton Road, Virginia. The Navy believes…